• Exhibition: Art de Descartes 2015-2019

    Art de Descartes 2018 - third place

  • Exhibiton: 10x10x10 Tieton 2018

    10x10x10 Tieton 2018: entry accepted

  • -Laure Heinz was accepted by the Saatchi Other Art Fair in New York 2017 Committee as an Artist Attendant.

    -Laure Heinz was asked to submit Collage work to The Collage Idea Book by Alannah Moore to be published by Ilex/Octopus (part of Hachette) in March 2018.

    "The Collage Ideas Book is part of an exciting new series aimed at anyone who wants to take their creativity further. Full of ideas for subjects, methods and styles for each medium, the series is a source of inspiration for artists of all abilities. "

  • article in the Boise Weekly

    The Walls of Perception
    Laure Heinz, Horse, Mare and Stallion, mixed media, 11" x 11"
    Joyce Alexander
    Jun 2, 2009

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  • article in the Idaho Arts Quarterly

    The Walls of Perception
    Boise lawyers learn the art of collecting
    by Bill English

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